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Department of Clinical Nursing, Nutrition, Housekeeping and Quality Nursing

The Departments of Clinical Nursing, Housekeeping, Nutrition, and quality nursing has 3 blocks.
These include Medical-Surgical Block, OPD and Dialysis Block, IPPM (NHIF, Orthopedic and Private wards) Block

a)    Medical-surgical Block
This block it involves medical and surgical wards.
The total capacity of each floor is 108 in medical and 108 in surgical wards.
These are male and female wards with 9 rooms each sides, each room has 6 beds that makes a total of 54 patients
There are special dedicated room in each side for patient who need very close monitoring, a highly dependent unit (HDU).

b) Private and Isolation, NHIF, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery Block

  • The Block consists of three (3) wards and 1-Unit.
  • These are Private wards and Isolation Unit located in 9th, NHIF Orthopedic and Neurosurgery     Ward which are located in 8th, Floors.
  • All wards are equipped with wall-mounted suction and Oxygen supply system, Nurse Call system Television, Telephone landline and hospital moving support furniture.
    Currently all wards admits patients except Isolation Unit which is under modification for Bone Marrow Transplant

Private Ward and Isolation

  • Our Private ward has a total number of 27 bed, single self-contained rooms

  • Among these 2-rooms are VVIP rooms, 14- rooms are VIP rooms and the remaining 11 rooms are for other patients interested to top-up for stay in private room.  

  •  The ward admit both Cash paying patients and credit cards beneficiaries (AAR Patients, Jubilee and Strategies patients). Including NHIF who wish to top up.

  •  Isolation has total number of 4 single bed, self-contained rooms and 6 single bed, with Positive pressure air ventilation.


  • NHIF ward is located in 8th Floor Northern wing.

  • The ward has 9 rooms, each with 3 beds, washroom and toilet

  •  The ward is dedicated for NHIF patients with both Medical and Surgical cases.

Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

  • The ward has 9 rooms, each with 6 beds, making a total of 54 rooms.
  • The ward admit patients with orthopedics and neurosurgery cases, Male and Female in separate rooms.

OPD & Dialysis Block

75 Consultations Rooms.
OPD Services offered are:

  • General and specialized clinics    

  • Radiology and Imaging service

  •  Laboratory services

  • Physiotherapy services

  • CTC services

Specialized Clinics

General surgery
Neuro surgery
Oral health
Othorpedic and trauma
paedriatic surgery

Hemodialysis Unit

  • Hemodialysis unit has 12 Dialysis Machines (Fresenius 4008s).
  •   11 machines are dedicated for non-infectious conditions (viral negative patients) and 1 machine is dedicated for HIV positive patients, it is allocated in isolation room.
  • We attend both Cash and Public patients, and patients with credit cards (AAR, Jubilee, Strategies and NHIF)