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3. The Emergency, Critical care And Surgical Nursing Department

Consist Of Four Units, Which Are:

  • Operating theatre with 13 rooms
  • Central sterile supply unit
  • Surgical and medical Intensive care unit.
  • Emergency  Unit

Operating Theatre

  • There are (13) thirteen operating rooms, where surgical procedures are carried out in an aseptic environment.
  • Ten operating rooms are for general procedures and two for obstetric and gynaecological procedures


   Central Sterile Supply Department

  • It is a vital unit with two steam autoclave machine, one Plasma gas sterilizer machine and portable autoclave machine.
  • It saves sterile equipment's and consumables to all units that requires aseptic procedures.
  • Receiving and sorting soiled material used in hospital
  • Determine whether the item should be reused or discard
  • Carrying the process of decontamination or disinfestation prior to sterilization

ICU Profile

  • The Intensive Care Unit is divided into two ICUs.
  • Medical intensive unit it has capacity of 17 beds of which 2 beds are isolation beds with negative pressure air control.
  • Surgical intensive care unit it has capacity of 14 beds of which 2 beds are isolation beds.
  • These makes total capacity of 31 beds of intensive care unit.


  • ICU nurses are well trained to provide care to patients who need ICU care.

Care provides at ICU includes

  • Respiratory support care.
  • Nutritional support care.
  • Medication.
  • Family support

Emergency Services

  • Emergency Departments has 25 beds that works 24 hours a day for 7days a week.
  • Our emergency department is divided into three functional zones namely;
  • Triage zone which have two rooms,
  • Resuscitation zone which have two rooms of which can accommodate a total of 8 patients at once,
  • Observation and treatment zone, which is, divided into three parts namely pediatric wing, adult wing and isolation rooms.
  • There is also ambulance services


Insurance Services