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Human Resource Department

This department is responsible for human resources policies and practices including Recruitment and Placement, confirmation, Promotion, Human Resource Planning, Training and Staff Development, Retention, Staff Exits, and Performance Management. It ensures equitable and fair determination and administration of staff salaries, incentives, and benefits. The Department is also responsible for the review of the Hospital incentives and advises the Management on the measures that should be taken in order to motivate employees and ultimately improve the performance of the Hospital.

In recruitment process, the department determine available vacant positions and new positions and seeking approval for employment permits from the Government. When there are vacant or new positions to be filled, the Department in collaboration with Recruitment Secretariat coordinates the selection process through advertising, short-listing, interviews, and hiring in accordance with the Recruitment Policy of the Hospital and Government policies and regulations.

In executing Performance management, the Directorate coordinates and works closely with other Directorates and Units to ensure effective management of individual and Hospital performance. It plays a key advisory role in performance planning, implementation of work plans and targets, and performance appraisal. The Directorate is also responsible for coordinating staff promotions, increments and other performance related awards and reprimands.

Furthermore, the Department has the overall function of coordinating training activities in the Hospital. In implementing this function, the Department coordinates the following:

  1. Identification of training needs
  2. Identification of trainers and training programmes
  3. Preparation of Training Plans
  4. Coordinating in house trainings and workshops
  5. Facilitating Induction programmes
  6. Soliciting of scholarships and sponsorship for various courses pursued by MNH staff.

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