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  • In-patients bed capacity of 108
  •  Medical intensive care unit (MICU) with 17 beds capacity
  • Surgical intensive care unit (SICU) with 14 beds
  •  High Dependent Units (HDUs)

Units of the department

    • Nephrology
    • Cardiology
    • Neurology
    • Pulmonology and critical care
    •  Dermatovenereology
    • Gastroenterology
    •  Infectious
    • Hematology
    • Oncology
    • Rheumatology
    • Diabetes and Endocrinology

Nephrology unit

  • Hemodialysis is provided to patients with acute kidney injury (Acute hemodialysis) and End stage renal disease (Maintenance/chronic dialysis) as a means of removing uremic toxins from the body.
  • Renal Dialysis provides dialysis for both infected (HIV/HEPATITIS) and non-infected patients with a capacity of 12 chair/bed unit which can run 3 sessions a day making it a total of 36 dialysis sessions in one day.
  • Nephrology consultant clinics are available daily


Carduology unit

We have 4 fixed rooms dedicated to providing modern cardiac diagnostic services such as…

        • Echocardiogram
        • Ambulatory BP Monitoring
        • ECG (Rest)
        • Stress ECG/Treadmill
        • Holter/24 hour ECG monitoring.
        •  Portable echo machine for providing cardiac services to the inpatient and in case of emergencies

Neurology unit

We have best diagnostic equipment’s in Neurological conditions such as

  • Diagnostic equipment’s in Neurological conditions such as
      • EEG
      • EMG
  • Which are used for several neurological tests such as
          • Nerve conduction tests.
          • Evoked potential tests (visual, auditory and sensory)
          • Repetitive Neurons tests
  • Consultant clinics

Gastroenterology unit

The hospital has 5 endoscopy rooms with state-of-art equipment capable of providing Diagnostic Services..

    • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy with/without (provides direct visualization of gastrointestinal tract)
    • Colonoscopy with/without (provide direct visualization of lower gastrointestinal tract)
    • Cystoscopy (for visualization of urinary bladder)
    • Therapeutic services such as-
        • Band Ligation
        • Esophageal Stenting
        • Sclerotheraphy
        • Esophageal dilatation

Consultant clinics

Pulmonology unit

  • We are equipped with modern equipment for assessing respiratory conditions with well trained staff and super-specialists to provide best care.
      • Whole Body Plethysmography Machine
          • A machine used for Pulmonary diagnostic services in unrestrained patients mainly for measuring and quantifying changes in volume within the lungs or other organs usually resulting from fluctuations in the amount of blood or air it contains
        • Spirometry Machine

            • Used for Diagnostic services.

Consultant clinics


Dermatology unit

  • We have been able to acquire excellent diagnostic and therapeutic equipment’s such as..
        • PUVA (Light/phototherapy)
        • Laser therapy machine
        • Cryotherapy.
        • Skin biopsy.

Hematology unit

  • Consultant clinics  including Sickle Cell Clinics
  • Access to all hematological tests such as BMA, Tropane biopsy etc. all of which are tailored to provide best care for clients with hematological conditions
  • Chemotherapy
  • Bone marrow transplant on pipeline

Infectious unit

  • Specialized care provided for all infectious condition like acute (egg hepatitis) and chronic (HIV, Tuberculosis etc.)
  • we have automatic electronically negative pressure controlled rooms at Emergency, ICU and isolation/infectious rooms which are designed to provide best care to patients and safety to health personnel and caretakers.
  • We have Care and Treatment Centre (CTC) for HIV and TB clinic daily in a client friendly area.


  •  Specialists and superspecialists
  • Registrars
  •  Residents 
  • Fellows



  • This found on the groundt and first floor of the building
  • It consists of all departments clinics
  • Equiped with OPD 1 and 2 pharmacies, mini lab, and social welfare office.
  • Multiple registrations and cash points to minimize waiting time
  • Attending 350 to 500 patients daily
  • Special window for elders
  • Special window for rehabilitation medicine
  • Paperless services

Insurance Services