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Survival of the patients treated for Head and Neck Cancer in a Low resource Country-Retrospective st


About: Worldwide Head and Neck cancer- HNC is the 6th most frequent cancer, with an estimated world incidence of over 600,000 new cases per year and 300,000 deaths yearly. Despite successful primary therapy of advanced local and regional disease, 50-60 % of head and neck cancer patients die from local recurrences, while 20 – 30 % of them die from distant metastases, and 10 – 40 % die from secondary malignancy due to treatment. read more

Healthy Options: study protocol and baseline characteristics for a cluster randomized controlled tri

Dr. Fileuka Ngakongwa MD

About: Perinatal women accessing prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) services are at an increased risk of depression; however, in Tanzania there is limited access to services provided by mental health professionals. This paper presents a protocol and baseline characteristics for a study evaluating a psychosocial support group intervention facilitated by lay community-based health workers (CBHWs) for perinatal women living read more

Peer support for people with severe mental illness versus usual care in high-, middle- and low-incom

Dr. Fileuka Ngakongwa MD Mmed Psychitric and Mental Health

About: Peer support is an established intervention involving a person recovering from mental illness supporting others with mental illness. Peer support is an under-used resource in global mental health. Building upon comprehensive formative research, this study will rigorously evaluate the impact of peer support at multiple levels, including service user outcomes (psychosocial and clinical), peer support worker outcomes (work role and empowerm read more

Challenges to peer support in low- and middle-income countries during COVID-19,

Dr. Fileuka Ngakongwa MD

About: A recent editorial urged those working in global mental health to “change the conversation” on coronavirus disease (Covid-19) by putting more focus on the needs of people with severe mental health conditions. UPSIDES (Using Peer Support In Developing Empowering mental health Services) is a six-country consortium carrying out implementation research on peer support for people with severe mental health conditions in high- (Germany, Isr read more

Breast Imaging and Image-guided Intervention in Tanzania: Initial Experience


About: Breast imaging capacity in Tanzania is currently very limited. In a country of almost 60 million people, mammographic units are exceedingly rare. The few existing units are compromised by lack of maintenance and quality control and extremely limited technologist training. Breast cancer incidence continues to increase in East Africa, while the ability to accurately diagnose and differentiate benign and malignant breast disease remains a c read more

Skin disorders among children living in orphanage centres in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,

Mwanaidi Amiri, MD

About: Skin conditions contribute significantly to the global burden of diseases and are among the leading causes of non-fatal disease burden. Children living in orphanage centres are vulnerable to several conditions including dermatological disorders, and there is limited data on the burden of these conditions among orphans in Tanzania. This study was carried out to determine the pattern of dermatological conditions and contributing factors am read more

The Experience of Patients with dtc Before, During and After Rai Therapy at Ocean Road Cancer Instit


About: Differentiated thyroid cancer is the commonest occurring endocrine malignancy, with its incidence increasing worldwide over the past three decades. Despite of good prognosis, patients’ experience different degrees of impaired health related quality of life due to side effects of surgery, radioiodine (RAI) ablation, diagnostic procedures and hypothyroidism induced by thyroxine withdrawal prior to RAI therapy. The aim of this study was t read more

Factors Associated with Clinical Outcomes of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Following Radioiodine The

Dr. Fileuka Ngakongwa MD

About: Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine type of malignancy, accounting for 1-5% of all cancers worldwide. Most of the differentiated thyroid cancers are asymptomatic. Surgery is the mainstay of management to be followed by radioactive iodine (RAI). RAI accessibility is still a challenge in most developing countries including Tanzania. read more

A qualitative study among nurses at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Nyakanda .P Marwa RN MSc in Critical Care

About: Background Burn injury is a significant problem in low and middle-income countries. Moreover, across regions children are more affected by burn injury than adults. The outcome of burn injury is greatly influenced by the quality of care patients receive. This care includes meeting nutritional needs, availability of resources such as dressing supplies, and skills among health care providers. This study describes factors that influence prov read more