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The  department of  Anaesthesia  operates  in  two  theatres;  one  theatre  which  has  two  operating  rooms  is  dedicated  for  obstetric  emergencies  and  the  other  theatre  with  ten  operating  rooms  covers  the  rest  of  surgeries.  Each  operating  room  is  fitted  with  centralized  anaesthesia   gas  delivery  system  and  has  a  modern  anaesthetic  machine.  

The  available  anaesthetic  team   is  skillful  in  providing  anaesthesia  and  analgesia  to  all  categories  of  patients  including  neonates, paediatrics, adults  and  geriatrics  who  have  to  undergo  painful  or  uncomfortable  surgical  or  diagnostic  procedures.  Emergency  anaesthetic  care  which  covers 

obstetric and  non  obstetric cases  like  Neurosurgery, Trauma,  General  surgery, Urology  and  Paediatric  surgery   is  provided  24  hours  every day.

Anesthesia enables a patient to tolerate procedures that would otherwise inflict unbearable pain, potentiate extreme physiologic exacerbations, and result in unpleasant memories.  It  is  the  priority  of  the  department  to  ensure patient  safety  and  satisfaction.  This  is  achieved  through  the  following  modalities  of  operations: pre-anaesthetic  clinic,  preoperative  review,  intraoperative  and 

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