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This Department has  two  units  ; Orthopedics/trauma and Neurosurgery. Its  main  role   is  to  manage  patients  presenting  with injuries,  orthopaedic and  neurosurgical  conditions.  

Orthopaedic  and  Trauma  unit  deals  with  trauma  cases  and  orthopaedic  conditions.  Outpatients  are  attended  every  working  day. Services  at OPD  include  the  following:  consultations,  closed reduction  for fractures and dislocations,  P.O.P application and removal,  external  fixator  removal,  surgical  wound caring and dressing  and  follow up  of  patients  in  general.  

The  following  are  the  commonest  emergencies:  open fractures,  dislocation of joints,  fracture –dislocations, joint infections  and  compartment  syndrome.  Common  elective  conditions  are:  long bone fractures,  bone infections,  intracapsular and extracapsular femoral neck fractures,  pelvic fractures,  musculoskeletal  tumors, foot  injuries,  limb  deformities  and  pediatric cases.  The  unit  is  finalizing  logistics  of  establishing  Joint  Replacement  Arthroplasty.  

Neurosurgery  unit  offers a growing spectrum of diagnostic as well as conservative, surgical, and support therapies to an array of neurosurgical conditions. Sophisticated diagnostic tests are performed in conjunction with  state-of-the-art neurophysiology laboratory  that provides EEG-monitoring, nerve conduction tests, somatosensory evoked potentials, stimulatory electromyography, transcranial ultrasound imaging and the department of radiology that provides CT, CTA, MRI and MRA studies.  Surgeries are planned using the latest computer soft wares with 3D reconstruction of neoplasms and vascular pathologies, then performed using high-precision surgical microscopes and drilling systems.

The  available  neurosurgeons have specialized training in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Some of the common disorders treated are as follows; Brain and spinal cord injuries,  Benign and malignant primary brain tumors, Metastatic brain tumors,  Peripheral nervous disorders,  Cerebral aneurysms,  Spondylosis and intervertebral discopathies,  Brain abcesses,  Hemorrhagic strokes, Hydrocephalus,  Cosmetic cranial defects,  Subgaleal Cysts  and  Meningomyoceles and Spinal Bifida.

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