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                                            QUALITY ASSURANCE UNIT-PROFILE


Quality Assurance is the semi-autonomous unit as per MNH policy, due to its functionality that is most linked to patient’s outcome of care, current is working under the directorate of Nursing Services.

However, it is getting more support from MNH-Upanga Quality Assurance Unit to strengthen all QI activities within the hospital for the future standing alone unit.

This unit is responsible for contributing quality initiatives, which involves performing hospital assessment, conducting monitoring and evaluation, and implementing improvement plans(PDCA)

The unit also works collaboratively with all staff and their leaders to promote, quality improvements at MNH-Mloganzila by using working improvement teams (WITs)

                     Staffing at Department of Quality Assurance

  •  Currently we have 6 staff, dealing with QI activities in the hospital, (4 nurses and 2 DRs)
  • Proposed quality committees on progress will have 22 members from different department/Sections, among which 4 Quality teams will be formed to deal with different quality initiatives like:
    • Infection, prevention and control team
    • Patient safety team
    • 5s and KAIZEN team
    • Disaster preparedness team.

Dedicated and mixed skilled Quality improvement team and WITs is essential for hospital quality improvement



  • Quality Assurance Unit supports the hospital’s mission of “providing effective, efficient and high quality tertiary specialist and highly specialized medical services for referred patients from all over Tanzania, as well as providing conducive environment for training and research”. All this is delivered in an environment where quality, integrity, respect, safety, and security is the core of our practice.


  • To be the excellent unit that strive to provide our customers with services which meet and even exceed their expectations and well established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Quality improvement Values

  • Patient Centred Care - To be recognized as the best quality unit and to make sure all patient is treated and cared in highly quality manner enhanced by our Super Specialist Status
  • Accountability- be accountable on our actions and supportive to each other for the uniformity on our image to clients we serve.
  • Integrity-  Decency and trustworthiness
  • Ethics-  Role model in behavior and attitude.
  • Teamwork- Competent and productive staff at all times and ensuring a smooth transition and collaboration with other staff throughout Mloganzila services.
  • Patient safety- lower tolerance for errors, near error or near miss practice that ensure safety to patient throughout care, encourage the use of standardized process, protocols and procedure guidelines
  •  Accelerate disposal of expired, broken and worn out drugs, equipment and supplies
  •   Ensure availability of functional equipment, reagents, safe and potent medicines and supplies.

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