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Welcome to the official website of Muhimbili National Hospital - Mloganzila. We are happy that you have visited our website and we invite you to find out more about MNH-Mloganzila and explore the opportunities that exist through our hospital. This website is a key tool to help us engage with you.

MNH-Mloganzila is comprised of dedicated and compassionate staff, both medical and non-medical, all working on behalf of the Tanzanian people as well as foreigners. As part of our commitment to keeping our diligence and obligation to this Nation, we have created this particular website as a means of broader communication to our publics and the people we serve.

With this website, you will be able to search for the information that you need, access other valuable news about Mloganzila, learn more about procedures and policies available at Mloganzila, get updates and general health tips. In regards to the objective of our hospital, we are committed to learning and improving our services.

We welcome your inputs and feedback as we continue to improve our services as well as this website. On behalf of MNH-Mloganzila, I officially welcome you to our website and wish that you enjoy the information it provides.


Prof. Mohamed Yakubu Janabi

Executive Director.

Muhimbili National Hospital.


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