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The major responsibility of the directorate is to oversee the provision of quality maintenance of hospital equipment, infrastructures, buildings, machinery, and to manage technical contracts in the hospital. The department has three departments namely; Engineering and maintenance department, Estate and environmental department and Biomedical engineering department.

Below are some of the activities performed by these sections: -

  1. Installation and Repair of all medical equipment;
  2. Electrical installations including generators, Automatic Transfer Switches,
  3. Repair of boilers, incinerators, water pumps, generators, HVAC system
  4. Installation and repair of biomedical equipment;
  5. Installation and Repair of heavy-duty machinery;
  6. To perform civil work including painting, Carpentry works, Welding works and fabrications;
  7. To prepare and perform planned preventive maintenance for hospital plant and biomedical equipment;
  8. To coordinate and supervising service provider technical service contract works
  9. To provide liable service of electric power, water, and medical gases to hospital

Insurance Services