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Strategic Development Department


Is a process that charts an organisation’s broad direction forward.  The process helps an organisations decide what it wishes to achieve and the main actions it will need to undertake in the future.  Strategic Planning is a collective and participatory process, involving senior management, employees, and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.  It looks at the big picture from a longer-term perspective.  A strategic plan clarifies organisations priorities and unifies the staff in the pursuit of shared objectives.  It also provides an opportunity to address fundamental questions, to focus away from day to day operations, and to take initiatives to improve performance.

Purpose of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning focuses on the forests, not the trees.  It answers the following questions:

  • Why does an organisations exist?
  • What are its objectives?
  • What do employees and patients expect?
  • How will it measure its own performance?
  • How will it use this information to make improvements?

Strategic Planning forces institutions to think about the future.  This is extremely important since many institutions are inward thinking, focusing too much on the short-term.  It has been documented that institutions that focus on the long-term through strategic planning outperform those that do not do so. 

The main purposes of Strategic Planning are:

  • To improve performance
  • To create more relevant institutional structures
  • To increase levels of institutional, departmental, and individual accountability.


Strategic Development

The Strategic Development is responsible for preparation and review of Strategic Plan, Annual Plan and Annual Budget, preparation and review of management accounting reports and annual statutory financial statements.

This department have the responsibility of making sure that the strategic need of the hospital is meet and alleviate existing gaps. This may be accomplished through:

  • Coordination of preparations of the MNH Strategic Plans, Action Plans and Budgets.
  • Coordination of Hospital wide risk management.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of performance.
  • Business Development and Resources mobilization
  • Costing, pricing reviews and proposals.
  • Corporate reporting.


Strategic Development Structure

Strategic Development consist three (3) functional units namely: Planning unit, Risk Management unit and Business Development unit.

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