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Directorate of Nursing Services Departments:

  1. Maternal and Child Health care
  2. Nursing quality, Nutrition and House Keeping
  3. Social welfares
  4. Surgical and Critical care

Our Core Values:

  • Teaming up and partnering to heal
  • Nurses are the backbone of our healthcare facility.
  • Every day, nurses bring innovation, knowledge and resourcefulness to profoundly change health outcomes around the hospital and beyond.

Our care focuses

To fights against Hospital, care Acquired Infections:

  • Surgical Site Infections - (SSI)
  • Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection- (CLABSI)
  • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia – (VAP)
  • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection - (CAUTI)
  • Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus – (MRSA)
  • Pressure sore (DECUBITUS ULCERS)

Our Goals outcome measure Indicators:

  • Health People
  • Health care Quality
  • Health literacy
  • Advocate on health seeking behavior, Nutrition support and Physical activities
  • Adolescent Health check and Health education
  • Patients, Clients and Staff safety and satisfaction

Promoting Behaviors through

  • The 6Cs of nursing that stands for the professional commitment to always deliver excellent care. (care, compassion, communication, competence, courage and commitment)
  • Team work
  • Compliance to:
    •  Protocol,
    • Policy and
    • Guidelines


  • We have bed capacity of 608 patients at a time
  • We Offers respective nursing care to all patients with compassionate
  • Our wards are equipped with:
  • wall mounted suction and Oxygen supply system
  • Nurse call system, landline telephone, and alarm system for quicker communications.
  • We have two 11 hrs. Nursing shifts per 24 hrs. day , night and off duty.


Insurance Services