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 The  Department  of  Oral  Health  is  determined  to  provide  high  quality  dental and oral health. It operates through three units:Oral Surgery,orthodontic and restorative and pediatric unit.Specialized clinics for each unit run from Monday-Friday.Oral health education is delivered to the patients as they arrive before they are allocated to the respective clinics.There is one admitting ward which is located at seventh floor.

Oral  surgery  unit  deals  with  cases  such  as  gross carious lesions, impacted  teeth or mal-posed teeth, periodontal problems, edentulousness (missing teeth), periodontal and dental abscesses, trauma patients with injuries to the hard and soft tissues, myofacial pain, oral  cysts and tumors. 


Pediatric and orthodontic unit attends all children aged 0-12 years  as  well  as  other  patients in need of orthodontic treatment regardless of their age.  Conditions  treated  by  this  unit  include  dental caries of different levels (ranging from enamel caries to pulpitis), gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, dental trauma, dental anomalies, discolored teeth, mal-aligned teeth and developmental defects.  

Procedures performed  are  correction of malocclusion with fixed and removable appliance  and  fabrication of denture and dental crown.

Restorative  dentistry  unit  treats  cavitated teeth, periodontal problems (gum problems), mobile teeth, halitosis, missing teeth, discolored teeth, trauma to the hard and soft tissues  as  well  as  patients with  loose or  fractured  dentures.  The  advanced techniques are used in tooth filling and root canal treatment.  Services provided include:  Simple filling of teeth,  Complex filling of teeth (filling with pin),  Root canal treatment,  Scaling and root planning,  Polishing,  Teeth whitening,  Veneering,  Teeth lengthening/shortening,  Diastema closure,  Partial removable  Denture,  Fixed dentures (crowns and bridges)  and  Splinting.

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