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Diet and Nutrition department is responsible for provision of nutrition therapy, education and counselling to both Inpatient and Outpatient.

Activities performed are provision of Nutrition Assessment, Counseling and Support (NACS) to patients/clients and relatives.

In addition to that, department prepares sample meal plan based on individual nutritional need and disease/health condition.


Service Available



Department is responsible for assessing the patient’s nutritional status, assign the appropriate nutritional measures, planning appropriate diets, educating patients and their relatives. The department providing close follow up to patients with medically and nutritionally compromised condition e.g. Diabetic mellitus, chronic kidney diseases, stroke, ICU patients.


Nutrition Clinic (Out patients)

The department, provides nutritional assessment, counseling and class instruction for various needs of the target population, especially nutritional needs for patients, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infants and elderly towards the institution goals. The department provides the patients/clients with sample meal plan and help the patients/clients to adopt the healthier eating pattern and lifestyle.


Outreach Activities

Department of Diet and Nutrition conducts outreach activities related to nutrition and health education programs to the public. The department provides public nutrition education in prevention of Non-communicable diseases and assist implementing national nutrition policies e.g. participating in World breastfeeding week, World diabetic day, World cancer day, World health day, demonstrations days etc. The department prepare nutritional information for publication, work with the media and public relations.



Nutritional support

Department ensures the availability of the advanced nutritional support to patients with critical illness regarding their nutritional/health status and need, especially to patients in ICU, under nutrition (pediatrics) patient, pre and post-surgery patients, diabetic mellitus, esophageal tumor, gastrointestinal dysfunction patients and other patients with chronic illness.

Advanced nutritional support available includes:

  • High protein and high energy supplement.
  • Parenteral Nutrition feeds.
  • Ready -to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF).


Insurance Services